Do you have the research focus and the charisma to become the next Separation Science Slam Champion of HPLC 2020?


Slammers Compete on the Separation Science Stage

Welcome to the 2nd Separation Science Slam, a competition for scientists (not older than 35 years old) to present their research related to liquid chromatography workflow. The competition features short scientific presentations that aim to not only inform but to engage the audience. In addition to scientific content, the comprehensibility and presentation of the lecture are evaluated. The winner will be chosen by a designated jury. The winner, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place runners, will receive monetary prizes.

Who Can Apply?

Inviting all young scientists (35 years old and younger) to submit abstracts for the opportunity to present in a special session at HPLC 2020-San Diego: The Separation Science Slam. The research project presented must be linked to higher education (as part of a university or research institute program, for example, Ph.D. or post-doc) and must be based on the scientist’s own results. 


April 20, 2020 is the deadline to submit abstracts to be considered in the Slam competition. The abstract must be submitted online by April 20, 2020 at and you must select “Submission Type: SEPARATION SCIENCE SLAM COMPETITION” in order for the abstract to be considered. 

Slam your Science - Use Your Imagination to Wow the Audience

A maximum 6 junior scientists (not older than 35 years old with a master in science) will be selected by a jury to compete. These slammers will have 6-8 minutes on the Separation Science stage to inform, engage, and thrill the audience – and jury – with the hard-earned results of their liquid chromatography-based research project. We expect competition to be fierce, so we urge ‘slammers’ to use their imagination to make use of props, live demonstrations, assistants…anything that will ‘wow’ the crowd!