List of Confirmed Invited Speakers


Andrew Alpert


PolyLC Inc.



Jared L. Anderson

Alice Hudson Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Iowa State University


Determining the Loading of Oligonucleotides to Magnetic Liquid Supports for Sequence-specific Nucleic Acid Extraction using HPLC


Laura Blue

Principal Scientist

Process Development, Attribute Sciences

Amgen Inc.


Platform Method Development Approaches to Enable Speed to Clinic for Synthetic Molecules


Barbara Bojko

Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Department of Pharmacodynamics and Molecular Pharmacology

Faculty of Pharmacy

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun


Spatial Resolution Metabolomic and Lipidomic Analyses of Human Brain using In Vivo Solid Phase Microextraction


Deirdre Cabooter

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences

University of Leuven (KU Leuven)


A Protocol for the Determination of Mesopore Diffusion in Reversed-phase Liquid Chromatography Particles


Alberto Cavazzini


Analytical Chemistry

Universita Degli Studi di Ferrara


Is There Still Room for Innovation in Chiral Stationary Phases for Liquid Chromatography? The Fortunate Case of the Zwitterionic-teicoplanin


Gert Desmet

Full Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


State-of-the-art in the Production of Ordered Chromatographic Media


Simone Dimartino

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering: Bioprocess Engineering

Institute for Bioengineering

School of Engineering

University of Edinburgh


3D Printed Stationary Phases: Design of New Materials and Geometries


Sebastian Eeltink

Full Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Vrije Universiteit Brussels


Advancing Protein Separations in One-, Two-, and Three-dimensional Liquid Chromatography


Attila Felinger


Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

University of Pécs


Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Liquid Chromatography


Ying Ge


Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology

Department of Chemistry

University of Wisconsin Madison


LC/MS-based Top-down Targeted Proteomics for Simultaneous Quantification of Protein Expression and Modifications


James Grinias

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Rowan University


Pharmaceutical Analysis: Approaches for Faster and Greener Separations with UHPLC


Fabrice Gritti

Principal Consulting Scientist

Waters Corporation


Advances in Chemistry-Retention and Morphology-Efficiency Relationships to Support Method Development in Liquid Chromatography


Davy Guillarme

Senior Lecturer and Research Associate

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Geneva


Coupling SEC and MS for the On-line Characterization of Protein Biopharmaceuticals


Kenji Hamase


Kyushu University


Quantitative Three-dimensional HPLC Analysis of Chiral Amino Acids and Related Compounds in Human Clinical Samples


Joel Harris


Department of Chemistry

University of Utah


Confocal-raman Microscopy for Probing Stationary-phase Structure and Solute Retention inside Individual Chromatographic Silica Particles


Christopher Harrison

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

San Diego State University


New Approaches and Potential for Modified Surfaces in Capillary Electrophoretic Separations


Emily Hilder


Future Industries Institute

University of South Australia



Gerard Hopfgartner


Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

University of Geneva


Improving Sensitivity, Selectivity and Information Content of Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Biological Samples


Xueying Huang


Sepax Technologies, Inc.



Christian Huber

Professor of Chemistry for Biosciences

Bioanalytical Research Labs

University of Salzburg-Austria


Comprehensive Profiling of Protein Isoforms: A Success Story of HPLC-MS Hyphenation?


Yasushi Ishihama


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kyoto University


In-depth Analysis of Human Proteoforms by One-shot LC/IMS/MS


Stephen C. Jacobson


Dorothy & Edward Bair Chair

Department of Chemistry

Indiana University


Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for the Structural Characterization of N-glycans Derived from Biological Fluids


Martin F. Jarrold


Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair

Department of Chemistry

Indiana University Bloomington



Ryan Kelly

2019 Georges Guiochon Faculty Fellowship

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Brigham Young University


One Cell at a Time: Ultrasensitive 1D and 2D Separations for In-depth Single-cell Proteomics


Robert Kennedy

Department of Chemistry 

University of Michigan

Hobart Willard Distinguished University Professor


LC at 35 kpsi and Prefractionation as Strategies to Improve Compound Identification in Metabolomics


Michael Laemmerhofer

(Closing Plenary)


Pharmaceutical (Bio-)Analysis Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Tuebingen


Lipidomics in Clinical Research


Christy Landes


Department of Chemistry, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Rice University


From Single-analyte Statistics to Predictive Separations


Ann L. Lee

(Opening Plenary)

Head of Cell Therapy Development and Operations

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


Chromatographic Innovations for Cell Therapies


Milton L. Lee

Emeritus Professor

Brigham Young University and Axcend LLC


Unique Design, Operation and Performance Characteristics of a Portable "Green" LC


Gongke Li


School of Chemistry

Sun Yat-sen University


Fast Sample Preparation Techniques for Complex Sample Analysis


Shaorong Liu


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Oklahoma


Pushing the Limits of Liquid Chromatography: Narrow Open Tubular Liquid Chromatography for Ultrahigh Peak Capacity, Ultrahigh Sensitivity and Ultrafast Separations


Douglas Malkin

Principal Investigator - Analytical Separation Scientist

Analytical R&D - Crop Protection Product Design and Process R&D (CPPDP)

Corteva Agriscience


Changing Regulations and the Application of Advanced Separation Technologies for the Analysis of Chiral Agrochemicals


Todd Maloney

Research Advisor

Eli Lilly and Company


Online HPLC as a Process Analytical Technology for Advanced Process Understanding and Control


Mary Ellen McNally

Global R&D Technical Fellow

Analytical Sciences

Stine Research Center

FMC Corporation


Chromatography used to Defend Against Counterfeit & Illegal Agricultural Products


Susan V. Olesik

Dow Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Ohio State University


Fundamental Studies of Enhanced-fluidity Liquid Chromatography - Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Proteins


Koji Otsuka


Graduate School of Engineering

Kyoto University


Strategy for using Specific Interactions in Microscale HPLC


Janusz Pawliszyn

University Professor

Canada Research Chair

Department of Chemistry

University of Waterloo


Development of SPME Chemical Biopsy Tools for In-vivo Brain Investigations


Joseph Pesek

Professor Emeritus

Analytical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

San Jose State University


Exploiting the Unique Properties of Type C Silica Stationary Phases for Practical Applications


Sebastian Piendl

2019 Csaba Horváth Awardee

Leipzig University


Multiple Heart-cutting 2D Chip-HPLC/MS


Christopher Pohl

Vice President, Chromatography Chemistry

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Optimization of Hyperbranched Anion-exchange Materials for the Separation of Multivalent Anions


Claus Rentel

Executive Director

Ionis Pharmaceuticals


Analysis of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Impurity Profiling by LCMS, Separation of Positional Isomers, and Resolving 500k Diastereoisomers


Oliver J. Schmitz


Applied Analytical Chemistry

University of Duisburg-Essen


Comparison between LCxLC-MS, 1D-LC-IM-MS and LC+LC-IM-MS


Peter Schoenmakers


University of Amsterdam


High-resolution Multi-dimensional Separations


Kevin Schug

Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The University of Texas at Arlington


Analytical Characterization of Craft Beer Components using LC-QTOF-MS


Mark Schure

Chief Technology Officer

Kroungold Analytical, Inc.


The Particle Roadmap: Capillary and PLOT Columns - Where are the Sweet Spots and What are the Limitations for Large Molecule Analysis Compared with Traditional Packed Bed Columns?


Daniel Schwartz

Glenn L. Murphy Endowed Professor of Engineering

Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

University of Colorado Boulder


Adsorbate Dynamics Near Silica Surfaces


Scott Shippy

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering

Department of Chemistry

University of Illinois at Chicago


Sampling the Interstitial Fluid of the Drosophila Brain


Adam Socia

Associate Principal Scientist

Merck Research Laboratories

Vaccines Analytical R&D

Merck & Co., Inc.


Chromatographic Applications in Therapeutic Oligonucleotides based on Polyplex and Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery Vehicles


Steven Soper

(Opening Plenary)

Foundation Distinguished Professor

University of Kansas


Nanoscale Electrophoresis using Polymer-based Columns: Potential Application for Single-molecule Sequencing


Sau Lan Tang Staats


Phoenix S&T



Cinzia Stella

Senior Scientist

Genentech, a member of the Roche Group


Use of Multi-dimensional LC/MS for a Faster and More Effective Characterization of Protein Therapeutics


Dwight Stoll


Department of Chemistry

Gustavus Adolphus


Advances in Modulation for Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography


Stephen Weber


Department of Chemistry

University of Pittsburgh


The Use of Active Temperature Control in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography


Christopher Welch


Indiana Consortium for Analytical Science and Engineering


Jon Williams

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Discovery Platform Technologies



Challenges and Opportunities for Analytical Separations of Antibody-Drug Conjugates Throughout the Drug Discovery Pipeline


Kim R. Williams


Department of Chemistry

Colorado School of Mines


Field-flow Fractionation: From Protein Aggregates to Biological Particles


Guowang Xu

(Closing Plenary)


Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


LC-MS-based Metabolomics Methods and Their Applications in Studying the Metabolic Reprogramming of Diseases


Gang Xue

Scientific Director

Digital Analytics / Process Development



Holistic Automated Lab Data Integration the Enables Scientific AI and Machine Learning


Yan-Bo Yang


BioPharmaDev, Inc.




John Yates

Ernest W. Hahn Professor

Departments of Molecular Medicine and Neurobiology

The Scripps Research Institute


The 3D Proteome and the Potential for Conformational Biomarkers


Peter Yehl


Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry

Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences

Genentech Research and Early Development


Analytical Characterization: An Enabler for Pharmaceutics of the Future


Kelly Zhang

Principal Scientist and Associate Director



Tackle Pharmaceutical Analytical Challenges by HILIC Separation


Taylor Zhang

Director of Bioanaytical Development

Juno Therapeutics, a Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


Characterization of Vector and CAR-T Cells Proteins by Separation Methods